Our physiotherapists in Kellyville and Carlingford have collectively over 30 years of experience in the successful treatment of headache pain.

Headache is one of the most common pains experienced by Australians every day. Everybody will experience a headache at least once in his or her lifetime. Approximately 14% of Australians will take pain-relieving medication to ease their headache. However, although medication provides short-term relief, it does not resolve the cause of the headache.

In some cases, medication is ineffective in relieving the headache. This is because there are several types of headaches and their cause and treatment are distinctly different.

Types of Headache:

SEVERITY Mild-moderate Moderate – severe Moderate – severe
DESCRIPTION Non-pulsating pain, feels like a tightening or pressure around the head Pulsating pain, usually one sided that can shift to the other side Non-pulsating. Usually follows after pain in the neck.
DURATION 30 min – 7 days with at least 10 attacks in a month 4 -72 hours with 5 attacks in this period Varies
FINDINGS Headache doesn’t change with activity Headache is aggravated by activity such as walking or stairs Headache aggravated by neck movements or as neck pain increases

What are the causes of  Headache:

Depending on the type of headache there are a variety of causes. These include stress, poor neck and shoulder posture, motor vehicle accidents, medications, poor nutrition and over-exertion. In Cervicogenic headaches, the cause is due to irritation of spinal nerves in the upper neck that can refer pain to other areas that the nerve supplies, such as the forehead, scalp and face.

How can a Physiotherapist help?

Your PPS Physiotherapist will carefully take a detailed history, orthopaedic, neurological and spinal examination to distinguish which type of headache you have and any contributing factors.

From then, your PPS Physiotherapist can help produce a treatment plan to help manage and relieve your headache symptoms. This includes the use of modalities (ultrasound and interferential), mobilizations and manipulation of the spinal joints in your neck to restore normal movement and reduce nerve irritation, massage to relieve active trigger points, as well as education and advice on modifying your activities to prevent aggravating your headache. An individualised home exercise program is then given to you to prevent your headaches from re-occurring.

(There is extensive evidence supporting physiotherapy and the use of deep neck flexor control exercises, postural correction, and spinal mobilization and manipulations to help alleviate pain associated with headaches)

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